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music in minutes

storePlay is a technology designed & owned by Marketing Melodies.

Released in December 2012, storePlay is the world's first App based background music service for businesses that allows music to be remotely downloaded and played on an iOS, Android, WIndows or Sonos device.

storePlay is now playing in over 4,500 locations globally.

Key features of the storePlay platform include:

  • It’s 100% legal - avoid hefty fines by using Spotify/Apple Music in your business
  • No complicated licencing fees - easily manage your APRA & PPCA fees through us
  • 24-hour channel updated on a regular basis
  • Ability to insert advertising/messaging
  • No expensive hardware to lease
  • Sound levelling & 10 sec crossfading
  • Staff can 'Favourite' and 'Skip' songs to hear more of the music they love and skip those they don’t. Favourited songs will play twice as often.
  • Fresh music delivered each month to build your music library
  • New music is automatically added & stored directly onto the device (not streamed), the monthly download is less than 200mb
  • Device dashboard to better understand how your stores are using the music

To visit storePlay, click here.