Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better.

Mood-based music for your business

Marketing Melodies has signed a reseller agreement with Soundtrack Your Brand for the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Soundtrack is a business music-streaming company which provides a platform licensed for commercial and public spaces. Some of the company’s multinational customers include McDonald’s, TAG Heuer, as well as TONI&GUY, along with thousands of small-to-medium businesses across 100 countries. 

Key features of the Soundtrack solution include:

  • Users have access to over 300 soundtracks, which are professional selections of music specially made for business identities. They are always updated, will never go silent and are never repetitive

  • Turn your Spotify playlists into soundtracks

  • Users can schedule their playlist sequence so that music suits different times of the day and creates different moods

  • Managers of various retail locations can control music across as many sites as needed. Managers can make changes to a single location’s playlist or instantly update the music in all stores

  • A remote app allows staff to fine-tune the volume or skip songs in order to adjust the playlist to changing conditions in real-time

  • The solution combines data analysis with hands-on expertise to deliver content that fits individual brands, boosts sales and makes staff happier

To visit our Soundtrack Your Brand partner page, click here.