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storePlay is a technology designed & owned by Marketing Melodies. Released in December 2012, storePlay is the world's first App based background music service for businesses that allows music to be remotely downloaded and played on an iPod Touch or iPad.

Music is downloaded directly to the device (not streamed), eliminating the need for duplicating CDs or updating the devices off-site. storePlay runs on the Apple iOS platform allowing us to continually build cutting edge customer engagement features into the App. 

storePlay allows store managers to customise the music playing in their store based on individual store demographics and trading times. All music is programmed by Marketing Melodies and can be approved by head office, however staff can select their favourite songs to hear more of the tunes they and their customers like and skip the songs they don’t like. Staff can also choose to play more upbeat songs when the shop gets busier or they can create a more relaxed audio environment during quieter periods.

storePlay can also be used as a customer facing interface in mobile interactive areas within the store. As an example, iPads could be wall mounted in the change rooms allowing customers to select songs from a curated playlist while trying on outfits.

Using app based technology means that storePlay has the ability to constantly evolve and software updates are automatically pushed to the device.

To visit storePlay, click here.

To download the storePlay App, click here.