Sometimes music is all you need to make you feel better.

Total control of retail audio

Musicmaker's DMP Xpress is a complete online in-store music and marketing system with exceptional quality at an affordable price. It’s a web based system that is powerful, yet simple to use. Content is downloaded and managed via secure online remote network access. Marketing and background music content is fully programmable with flexible playlists to suit different sites and demographics within any network chain.

The DMP Xpress offers music and marketing delivered online direct to stores at short notice. Its platform is stand-alone with hands-free operation and requires minimal staff interaction. The DMP Xpress slimline design does not require large shelf space or complex wiring to connect.

Its not reliant on in-store equipment (POS), and features Musicmaker’s branded design and development software. The system will keep playing should your internet connection falter for any reason and has fully programmable automatic sound level control and direct automatic software updates.

No ongoing maintenance costs associated with software, hardware or server infrastructure and no outdated purchased equipment issues.

The DMP Xpress, truly a complete online solution for retail audio.

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